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Lead generation and appointment scheduling are two of the most fundamental parts of running a business. But this type of customer support is also incredibly time-consuming.

With appointment setting services, however, you can get your leads qualified and have the calls scheduled for you, which allows you and your sales team to focus on higher value tasks – like closing deals. 

To help you find the best service, we reviewed and analyzed dozens of appointment setting service providers to bring you our top picks. Our evaluations are based on comprehensive criteria, including features, value propositions, and potential drawbacks.

Best Appointment Setting Services

ServicerOverviewBest For
CIENCEExpert B2B appointment setting provider that specializes in lead qualificationLead generation & qualification
Abstrakt Marketing GroupQuality B2B lead nurturing, lead cleansing, and appointment schedulingNurturing B2B leads
CallboxLead qualification and appointment schedulingTargeting hyper-specific customer segments
UnboundB2BSpecializes in setting appointments with decision-makersFinding SQLs
Launch LeadsFull-funnel service that targets B2Bs and B2CsOutbound call center services and appointment setting
GetCallersBudget-friendly appointment scheduling with customized sales development scriptsBusinesses on a budget
SalesRoadsProfessional B2B appointment setting that targets executive decision-makersSales coaching and team of dedicated SDRs
EBQUS-based company that offers a business consultant, project manager, and dedicated specialistTeam of professionals for lead generation and appointment setting
Expert CallersB2B appointment setting service with a wide array of features to aid in customer acquisitionExtensive sales outsourcing services and detailed analytics
Superhuman ProspectingEmploys a carefully refined sales script methodologyB2B cold calling service

Appointment Setting Services


CIENCE is a B2B appointment setting service with an emphasis on lead qualification. With it, you get a team of sales experts that will qualify leads and send them directly to you, positioning your sales team to get the sale, with CIENCE doing the heavy lifting. Given that it takes some companies over 13 dials before scheduling an appointment, this can free up a ton of your sales team’s time. 

CIENCE Features

  • Customized outbound telemarketing service
  • Lead targeting
  • Lead qualification
  • Reply handling inbound call center service
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Comprehensive analytics

CIENCE Downsides

One issue is that CIENCE lacks transparency with its pricing. On the website,  pricing for appointment setting services is simply listed as “Price Per Meeting” and you must contact sales. 

Other than that, CIENCE checks all the boxes for most businesses. It has over 275 5-star reviews and has served big-name clients like Google, Yamaha, and Uber.


This B2B appointment setting service is ideal if you want to free up your sales team’s time so they can focus on selling rather than back-and-forthing with prospects and qualifying leads. The main selling point of CIENCE is that it gives you access to a team of sales professionals who help you build a reliable sales pipeline so you can bring in a steady stream of qualified leads for your B2B sales. 

In turn, you can increase sales while shaving hours off your strategic sales team’s work week. 

2. Abstrakt Marketing Group

Like CIENCE, Abstrakt Marketing Group offers B2B lead prospecting, lead qualification, and appointment scheduling. It also has the goal of providing you with a steady pipeline of qualified leads that are primed and ready for conversion.

To accomplish this, Abstrakt Marketing Group employs a team of talented sales development representatives (SDRs) to nurture relationships with prospects, using a mix of email and cold calling to find decision-makers.

Once leads are ready, this appointment setter passes them to your sales team so they can close the deal.

Abstrakt Marketing Group Features

  • Lead qualification
  • Lead cleansing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Introductions
  • Appointment scheduling

Abstrakt Marketing Group Downsides

This lead generation services provider doesn’t include any pricing information. To learn about pricing, you must “Schedule a growth call.” Note, however, that not including pricing information is par for the course, as each company has unique needs when appointment scheduling. 

Abstrakt Marketing Group Value

The main value of this appointment setter is that it supplies you with steady qualified leads while saving you time and money. Also, the average ROI for most clients is 3 to 1, which can offer a huge boost to your overall digital marketing campaign. 

3. Callbox

Callbox’s mission is to assist B2B businesses with lead qualification to find ideal clients and serve them up on a silver platter. Whether you’re an established business or trying to reach a brand new market, Callbox implements a proven formula for successfully scheduling appointments across a wide array of industries. 

Callbox appointment setting process diagram

Source: Callbox

Callbox Features

  • Market research
  • Ideal customer profile generation
  • Multi-channel lead prospecting
  • Lead qualification
  • Sales pipeline generation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Sales and marketing alignment for smooth handoffs

Callbox Downsides

This sales appointment setting provider handles the entire sales funnel, including the identification, awareness, engagement, and conversion stages. While these services are robust, they may be unnecessary if you simply need a straightforward B2B appointment setting solution. 

Callbox Value

If you want comprehensive B2B appointment setting services that get “in the trenches,” Callbox is hard to beat. This appointment setting company does it all from start to finish and works well for many industries. 

4. Unbound B2B

Unbound B2B’s aim is simple. Send sales qualified leads (SQLs) to your strategic sales team to enable them to close more deals and boost revenue. 

It does this by targeting decision-makers and maintaining the highest lead standards. That way, every potential client sent your way has a high chance of converting — all while sticking closely to your account scheduling preferences.  

Unbound B2B appointment setting service

Source: Unbound B2B

Unbound B2B Features

  • Lead targeting
  • Email marketing
  • Listing building
  • Lead generation with SQLs
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Performance marketing where you only pay for successful appointments

Unbound B2B Downsides

There’s nothing about pricing information. To get a ballpark estimate, you have to first book a consultation. Also, these appointment setting services aren’t as comprehensive as other providers like Callbox.

Unbound B2B Value

We like that Unbound B2B hands off SQLs that are completely sales-ready to your reps. It’s all about finding hyper-targeted leads, which should help maximize your conversion rate. We also like that you only pay for successful appointments. 

5. Launch Leads

This is a full-funnel appointment setting service that generates targeted leads and follows them every step of the way until a call has been scheduled with a strategic sales rep. Launch Leads uses real-time data to continually optimize your campaign, leaving you with highly qualified leads that are purchase-ready. 

Launch Leads Features

  • Cold calling, email, and social outreach
  • Lead qualification
  • Rapid lead response
  • Information on qualified lead status, when emails are opened, and more
  • Dead lead revival
  • Appointment setting

Launch Leads Downsides

While Launch Leads covers the basics as an appointment setting service, it’s not as robust as some other providers. Also, its website isn’t overly professional. 

Launch Leads Value

The main selling points of this B2B appointment setting service are that it offers several types of outreach, quickly responds to prospects with its answering service, and offers detailed information as leads progress throughout the sales funnel. We also like dead lead revival, which can help you capitalize on leads that may otherwise be lost. 

6. GetCallers

GetCallers caters to both B2B and B2C businesses and handles lead prospecting and appointment setting so your sales team can focus on closing more deals. Using this service is simple. GetCallers uses customized scripts to qualify leads and book them in your calendar. 

All calls are recorded to ensure quality, and you get detailed analytics to monitor your progress. 

Source: GetCallers

GetCallers Features

  • Lead generation
  • Personalized scripts
  • Appointment setting
  • Call recording
  • Real-time analytics

GetCallers Downsides

You don’t necessarily have the same level of control with this appointment setter that you do with other services. Also, the website isn’t as professional as some other providers. 

GetCallers Value

The main thing that stands out about this appointment setting company is the price. Plans are available for as low as $5 per hour, and GetCallers can work 24/7 setting appointments all over the world. We also like the pricing transparency and real-time analytics for helping you see the big picture. 

$5.95 per hour3+ agents each for 30 hours per week
$5.75 per hour3+ agents each for 35 hours per week
$5 per hour3+ agents each for 40 hours per week

7. SalesRoads

The main goal of SalesRoads is to schedule appointments with top B2B executives so your sales team can close deals and skip the rest of the meticulous steps in between. Using a combination of email and phone conversations, this B2B appointment setting service gives you access to experienced SDRs without having to build a team internally. 

SalesRoads appointment service

Source: SalesRoads

SalesRoads Features

  • Professional SDRs
  • A dedicated sales coach to oversee SDR activity
  • Lead qualification
  • Appointment setting

SalesRoads Downsides

Like many of the service providers on this list, there’s no immediate pricing information (but they say that “high quality services cost around $8,000 – $10,000 per month”). To get a more personalized quote, you must request one from SalesRoads. Also, the setup process is rather lengthy, and some business owners may not have the time for it. 

SalesRoads Value

This appointment setting company has a rigorous, fine-tuned process in place for generating leads and scheduling sales representative meetings. While the initial setup and onboarding can be a little overwhelming, SalesRoads can dramatically streamline appointment setting and send a large volume of qualified leads your way. 

8. EBQ

One of the main benefits of using EBQ is that you get your own team including a business consultant, project manager, and dedicated specialist. Regardless of how big or small your business is, you’re guaranteed to have an experienced team on your side with this appointment setting service. 

We also like that EBQ only serves up highly qualified SQLs that have a high chance of converting, and it provides you with full transparency through real-time updates. 

EBQ Features

  • Cold calling
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting
  • Progress updates
  • Flexible contracts
  • No cancellation fees

EBQ Downsides

EBQ’s services aren’t quite as comprehensive as some other appointment setting companies, meaning they don’t necessarily tackle the entire sales funnel. That said, EBQ is still sufficient for most businesses that need basic cold calling, lead generation, and appointment setting services. 

EBQ Value

We like that this is a US-based appointment setting company that understands the US market in and out. If that’s important to you, EBQ is worth careful consideration. The fact that EBQ constructs a small team around your business is nice. Also, the transparency and rapid setup time of just five days is an added plus, which is quicker than what many other outbound call center outsourcing companies offer. 

9. ExpertCallers

ExpertCallers is a B2B appointment setting company that places an emphasis on nurturing prospects and building strong relationships before sending them to your sales team. It uses a well-refined formula that can be tailored to a variety of industries, which is important for fully understanding your demographic. 

And we love that this appointment setter offers a full spectrum of features. 

ExpertCallers Features

  • Lead qualification
  • Appointment setting
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Reminder calls
  • Customized scripts
  • CRM integration
  • Performance analytics

ExpertCallers Downsides

ExpertCallers offers a plethora of services, including inbound and outbound call center service, virtual assistance, CCTV monitoring, and more. Therefore, appointment setting isn’t its specialty like many of the other companies on this list. 

ExpertCallers Value

The industry expertise ExpertCallers brings is helpful because the team can hone in on your audience and build rapport before handing leads off to you. Not merely having an appointment setting but also appointment confirmation and reminder calls is nice for preventing no-shows. 

That’s big considering no-show rates for B2B sales calls can be as high as 40% without a clear strategy in place for reducing them. 

And the detailed performance reporting is great for gaining insights into potential areas for improvement. 

10. Superhuman Prospecting

Our final appointment setter, Superhuman Prospecting, is a US-based company that offers a full suite of services. With it, you can get cold calling, custom scripts, and access to highly skilled SDRs. 

Superhuman Prospecting also uses something called its “Human-to-Human Sales Script Methodology,” which has been iterated over several years and “hundreds of thousands” of sales and customer service calls. 

Superhuman Prospecting Features

  • B2B cold calling
  • Custom call scripts
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting with detailed lead contact information
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Real-time reporting
  • Customer support services through weekly strategy calls for 

Superhuman Prospecting Downsides

This company has a limited number of reviews. However, the reviews it has received are all good, and it has worked with Amazon. There’s also no pricing information. 

Superhuman Prospecting Value

We like that this company essentially considers its SDRs as your own employees who are genuinely committed to helping your business succeed. Having US-based SDRs is a big advantage over many other outsourced providers. And the proprietary methodology used along with unique scripts helps many clients get big results. 


Cold calling, lead generation, and appointment setting can be incredibly time-consuming. Rather than handling everything in-house, many companies are now using appointment setting services, which provide access to professional SDRs that handle the process for you from start to finish. 

That way, you can send your sales team qualified leads without a lot of heavy lifting. As long as you choose the right support services, this can translate into a solid ROI, while simultaneously fueling long-term business growth. 

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