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Virtual bookkeeping services make it possible to outsource this crucial task at very affordable rates. In fact, our research shows that using a virtual bookkeeping service can save your business over 83% compared to hiring an in-house bookkeeper.

Online bookkeeping services combine the automation of accounting software with the guidance of a professional bookkeeper. Most importantly, virtual bookkeeping services maintain accurate records your business can depend on to make important financial decisions and save on taxes.

We looked at dozens of popular virtual bookkeeping services and narrowed it down to those that will work best for your business. Each offers slightly different services and features, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

7 Best Virtual Bookkeeping Services for 2023

CompanyOverviewBest for
Bookkeeper360Full-service virtual bookkeeping
platform; can also help with accounting, HR, and payroll
Growing businesses that want to outsource their bookkeeping, accounting, HR, and payroll with a single provider
XendooVirtual bookkeeping service with weekly reporting and CPA supportBusinesses with 20+ employees looking for a reliable service provider
FinaloopAutomated, real-time accounting supported by a professional teameCommerce companies and online retailers
ReconciledResponsive and engaged bookkeeping team, plans for all types of businessesTechnology or retail businesses needing advice and support
BELAYVirtual bookkeeping service that provides detailed financial reporting as well as optional payroll, invoicing, and reconciliation servicesChurches, nonprofits, and other small businesses looking to outsource accounting tasks
1⁠-⁠800AccountantEnd-to-end accounting platform with bookkeeping, tax prep, payroll, and ongoing advisory servicesSmall and newly formed businesses looking to scale through proactive accounting practices
Streamline BookkeepingVirtual service offering accurate and timely financial reports, great customer service, help with data entry, and monthly phone meetings to review booksProfessional service firms and small businesses

1. bookkeeper360

Bookkeeper360 is a full-service accounting platform developed for business owners. You can choose to monthly or weekly reconciliation and, like most virtual bookkeeping services, the pricing is based on your business’s monthly expenses and whether you use cash basis or accrual accounting.

With many add-ons, the Bookkeeper360 platform is highly customizable and can take on most of your back office duties. Notably, Bookkeeper360 is the only provider on our list that offers HR and Payroll services themselves (other providers may offer the service, but outsource the work to other companies).

Bookkeeper360 Features

  • You can choose to use QuickBooks or Xero software.
  • Bookkeeper360 integrates with popular platforms including Shopify and Expensify, making it a good option for businesses that sell products and services online.
  • The service handles monthly reconciliation of bank statements.
  • Full-service payroll is available for as low as $45 per month.
  • Add-on service can include an outsourced HR department. 
  • Customer service can be contacted via phone, email, and online chat. 
  • All staff is based in the USA.

Bookkeeper360 Downsides

The base price for Bookkeeper360 is slightly higher than some other services, so if you’re looking for the lowest cost possible they might not be your first choice.

Bookkeeper360 Value

Bookkeeper360 is easily scalable and is a good choice for medium-sized, growing businesses that want to outsource their bookkeeping, accounting, HR, and payroll with a single provider they trust.

Bookkeeper360 ReconciliationAccounting MethodMonthly Price
MonthlyCashStarting at $399
WeeklyCashStarting at $549
MonthlyAccrualStarting at $549
WeeklyAccrualStarting at $749

* Annual billing will save you 10%.

Bookkeeper360 Available Add-Ons

  • Comptroller / CFO Advisory
  • Tax Prep and Planning
  • Back-Office
  • HR and Payroll Solutions
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Category Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Entity Reporting


Xendoo is our top pick because of their great reputation for excellent customer service, dedicated support, and being easy to use.

Backed by a team of bookkeepers and CPAs, Xendoo can get your business financials under control through expert guidance and regular check-ins. Xendoo is also an affordable option that can scale with your business.

With Xendoo, you’ll find all of the services you expect from a virtual bookkeeping service: cash or modified accrual bookkeeping, P&L statements, and balance sheets.

Xendoo Features

  • Dedicated bookkeeping team
  • Weekly bookkeeping
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Compatible with QuickBooks and Xero
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Monthly trend graphs
  • Free one-month trial

Xendoo Downsides

Xendoo previously offered a very low cost entry-level plan. Now if you can live with monthly reconciliation and have 60 or fewer transactions per month, we recommend Streamline Bookkeeping.

Xendoo Value

As your company grows, you can upgrade to a different plan at any time and start receiving more in-depth financial advice.

Xendoo PlanFeaturesNumber of AccountsAverage Monthly ExpensesCost
EssentialWeekly bookkeeping, Dedicated teamUp to 4Up to $50k$395 per month
GrowthCash or modified accrual, Tax consultUp to 6$50k to $75k$695 per month
ScaleCustom chart of accounts, Deferred schedulesUp to 12$75k to $125k$995 per month

Xendoo also offers a free trial and 10% off annual billing.

Xendoo Add-on Services

If your business is months (or even years) behind on bookkeeping, Xendoo will appoint a team of experts to help you get your books up-to-date and ready for tax season.

  • Catch-up bookkeeping
  • Modified accrual accounting (included in Growth & Scale plans)
  • Monthly reports delivered early in the month
  • Monthly tax consulting
  • Business and personal tax return services
  • Annual depreciation schedules
  • Sales tax return filing

Xendoo can meet your needs for growth and compliance. They have successfully helped a variety of clients in multiple industries through their business changes – they can likely do the same for yours.


Finaloop is a top choice due to its exceptional customer service, tailored support, and user-friendly platform that completely automates bookkeeping for eCommerce brands. And with full-featured plans starting at only $65 a month, it’s also a great deal.

Finaloop replaces both your bookkeeper and your accounting software. On their platform you’ll have access to financial reporting, tax data, and transactions all in real time.

With a team of experienced bookkeepers and accountants, Finaloop ensures your eCommerce business’s financials are well-managed through expert guidance and regular updates. Finaloop offers a cost-effective solution that can grow with your business, making it a perfect choice for online retailers.

Finaloop Features

  • Unlimited platform integrations
  • Connect up to 15 bank & credit card accounts
  • Accrual & cash basis flexibility
  • Real-time transaction categorization
  • Inventory tracker
  • Sales tax liability tracking

Finaloop Downsides

Being specifically tailored for eCommerce businesses, Finaloop might not be the best fit for companies operating in other industries.

Finaloop Value

Finaloop is one of the most affordable virtual bookkeeping services. They also offer a 14-day free trial so you can integrate your apps, view financial dashboards, and access your P&L statement.

While using their also no need to pay for other accounting software like QuickBooks (unless you want to), so your savings with Finaloop can really add up.

Annual RevenueBookkeeping (per month)Full-Service Tax Add-on (per month)
Up to $100K$65$99
$100k to $500K$155$110
$500K to $1.5M$225$135
$1.5M to $3M$345$160
$3M to $6M$745$230
$6M to $10M$995$295

You can also save 10% with annual billing.

Finaloop Available Add-Ons

They offer an add-on tax service (with pricing above) that includes the following features:

  • Annual federal business income tax prep (ready for e-file)
  • State income tax prep (ready for e-file)
  • Prep and filing of 1099-NEC
  • Tax deduction optimization

4.Reconciled Restaurant Bookkeeping

Reconciled is one of the fastest growing accounting businesses in the U.S.. They have an array of bookkeeping and accounting services ranging from cleanup to ERP implementation.

Reconciled is known to be a great place to work. We love how their team brings value to the company leaders they serve.

New client setup with Reconciled is quick and smooth. Their onboarding and implementation teams will go over your systems, processes, and requirements. Then, you’ll get a dedicated bookkeeper that is overseen by a senior accounting manager.

Reconciled Features

  • Monthly reconciliation
  • Accurate financial reports
  • Accounts payable support
  • Posting monthly from sales channels
  • Accounts receivable support

Reconciled Downsides

Their affordable Express plan is only available to businesses that generate less than $1M per year.

Reconciled Value

Expect your contract with Reconciled to be flexible and scope-based. As your company grows, Reconciled will keep pace and scale services when needed. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can make sure they’re a good fit.

Reconciled PlanFeaturesMonthly Price
Express3 accounts, less than $1M revenueStarting at $299
BasicAP support, 5 accountsStarting at $600
CoreMonthly Meetings, 7 accountsStarting at $1,250
AdvancedAP / AR support, 7 accountsStarting at $1,600

Reconciled Available Add-Ons

  • Controller Services
  • CFO Services
  • Payroll Service
  • Tax and Advisory Service
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • ERP Implementation
  • Systems Training
  • Full-Service Enterprise Accounting


BELAY, a company regarded for its assistants, also offers virtual bookkeeping services. With a vast network of accounting specialists spread throughout the country, BELAY will:

  1. Assess the needs of your business,
  2. Then match you with highly vetted and reliable candidates.

Unlike other virtual bookkeeping services that lock features into systems of tiers, BELAY offers a flexible pricing structure. This is especially helpful if you have changing needs or experience seasonal shifts in demand.

Their process begins with a call to identify your exact needs and pain points. Next, you’ll speak with a Client Success Consultant that dives into your tasks, tools, culture and personality requirements to ensure you get matched with the right talent. Then their placement team facilitates a meeting with up to three of their nearly 2,000 U.S.-based bookkeepers, allowing you to decide which is the right fit for your business. Lastly, they’ll facilitate a kickoff meeting – the official start to your partnership – to meet your specialist, set initial goals, discuss communication plans, and set you both up for success.

BELAY’s client success team will also regularly check in on your progress, ensuring that you’re satisfied with your virtual bookkeeping service.

BELAY Features

  • Dedicated U.S.-based accounting team
  • Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations
  • E-Commerce Support
  • Flexible pricing structure
  • Regular journal entries

BELAY Downsides

Although they’ve been in business over 10 years, BELAY does not offer tax filing services (though the company said they have plans to launch this service soon). Additionally, more advanced services like CFO or payroll processing come at a premium.


With a network of nearly 2,000 U.S.-based accounting professionals, BELAY will match your business with several qualified candidates, allowing for an optimized level of customized service.

Partnering with BELAY gives you access to an expansive network of professional virtual assistants. Once they match a bookkeeper with your business, BELAY will continue to monitor the partnership to support both you and your talent. 

BELAY PlanFeaturesMonthly Price
EssentialMonthly bookkeeping, Journal Entries, & Financial Reports$450
GrowthInvoicing, Recording Deposits, & Payroll Processing$650

BELAY Available Add-Ons

Having a dedicated bookkeeper––one who handles financial reports, balance sheets, and reconciles all your bank and credit card accounts––should allow you to run your organization more effectively. BELAY also offers a variety of add-ons that can help your business offload repetitive and often time-consuming tasks.

BELAY also offers a variety of add-ons that can help you offload repetitive and often time-consuming tasks.

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Social Media Managers
  • Website Specialists
  • Invoicing services
  • Accounts payable processing
  • Payroll processing


Ideal for small and growing businesses, 1-800Accountant is a comprehensive digital solution for accounting procedures. By combining localized financial expertise with a cloud-based accounting platform, the company helps business owners obtain optimal tax savings while minimizing time spent crunching numbers.

For new and small businesses looking to offset the burden of accounting procedures, 1⁠-⁠800Accountant offers an affordable solution with industry-leading expertise. As your business expands, they also make it easy to add on payroll and tax preparation services, as needed.

1-800Accountant Features

  • 24/7 access to support from accounting professionals
  • CPAs employed in every state, advising you of the best practices in your region
  • Staff averages more than 17 years of experience
  • Payment completed through flat, annual fees with no transaction limits
  • Integrated mobile application
  • Entity formation
  • Payroll services
  • Tax preparation, review, filing, and signing

1-800Accountant Downsides

While affordable, the 1-800Accountant base service is limited to portal access and accountant support. Features like tax preparation are found on higher-tier plans.

1-800Accountant Value

1-800Accountant ServiceFeaturesStarting at
BookkeepingDedicated bookkeeping support$399 per month

1-800Accountant Add-On Services

1-800Accountant’s base package includes access to their accounting portal, a dedicated accountant, 24/7 access to tax advice, tax planning services, and quarterly reviews. Their higher-tier plans include:

  • Personal tax preparation
  • Business tax preparation
  • Priority support
  • Financial reports

7. Streamline Bookkeeping

Streamline Bookkeeping is a virtual bookkeeping service that specializes in helping small businesses and professional service firms. Most clients have 1-20 employees and include doctors, attorneys, chiropractors, web designers, architects, consultants, real estate investors, and non-profits.

Streamline Bookkeeping Features

Streamline Bookkeeping is run by an experienced CPA so they can help you increase profitability by making informed financial decisions.

  • Personalized service
  • Monthly reconciliation
  • Transaction coding and categorization
  • Monthly phone meetings to review financial reports
  • General ledger
  • Profit & loss statement
  • Balance sheet
  • W-9 management
  • 1099 filing

During the initial setup, you’ll get a customized client checklist detailing how your accounts are reconciled. Next, they will set up secure limited access or view-only access with your financial institutions for fraud prevention. It also improves the accuracy of data entry.

Streamline Bookkeeping Downsides

Since Streamline Bookkeeping focuses on smaller businesses, they might not be a good fit for you if your business is growing rapidly or if you already have more than 50 employees.

Streamline Bookkeeping Value

Pricing is a fixed monthly fee based on your average number of monthly transactions. Although a QuickBooks Online account is required, when you sign up for QBO through Streamline Bookkeeping you’ll receive a 50% discount on the subscription.

Streamline Bookkeeping PlanAverage Monthly TransactionsMonthly Price
Small BusinessUp to 60 $199
CustomMore than 60Custom

What to Expect from a Virtual Bookkeeping Service

Virtual bookkeeping services differ in the mix and thoroughness of the services that they offer.

Virtual bookkeepers use bookkeeping software to organize the daily financial activities of your business – including the payments you’ve processed, and the expenses incurred. Most online bookkeeping services will also reconcile your accounts monthly and send you updated financial reports. However, some services go as far as handing your payroll and HR. 

Focus on the range of services that your business needs and can afford. Most virtual bookkeeping services offer add-on services, allowing you to easily upgrade when you need additional help beyond basic bookkeeping. 

If costs are your primary concern, also look into free bookkeeping software. Although free software will require more of your time, it might be worth using until you can afford to hire a virtual bookkeeping service. The important thing is that you maintain financial records so you can understand how your business is performing and stay organized to avoid IRS penalties.

Virtual Bookkeeping Service vs. Online Accounting Service

While bookkeeping refers to recording of financial transactions, accounting refers to interpreting and analyzing those recorded transactions. Most virtual bookkeeping services are responsible for recording and synthesizing your financial statements. That way, your CPA or small business accounting service can use these statements to help you with taxes and financial planning. 

Some bookkeeping services, like Bookkeeper360, also offer tax service and financial planning. Those that do often have an in-house team of CPA’s that can help with long-term planning, even if you already have a dedicated accountant. 

Final Thoughts on Virtual Bookkeeping Services

While you can do your own books with paid or free bookkeeping software, you won’t get very much out of it if you aren’t well-versed in finances. And it could take a lot of your time.

The best virtual bookkeeping services are extremely affordable and only cost between $200 to $400 per month – a savings of $34,000 per year compared to an in-house bookkeeper. When focusing on the expense, keep in mind that bookkeeping provides a high ROI.

If you struggle to keep up with your books, then a virtual bookkeeping service will help prevent a big headache come tax season. When you understand your financial position, you can make well-informed financial decisions that will help your company grow. 

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