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We exist to serve the business community and our content seeks to be unusually helpful. We value integrity, quality, creativity, efficiency, customer service, and teamwork.

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How We Make Money

Creating our in-depth guides requires a lot of time. Researching, fact checking, writing, editing, and posting a new article normally takes our team 100 hours or more.

To help bring you high-quality, unbiased content free from distracting ads, we have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies that appear on our site. When you click on our links then purchase a solution from our partners we may earn a commission.

Please be aware that you are not required to click on any links on our website in order to purchase from our partners.

We strive to make ethical and responsible decisions that align with our values. As such, we only partner with companies that meet our high standards of quality. If we learn that a company we recommend (partner or not) is acting unethically, they will be removed from our site.

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Editorial Guidelines

We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure editorial integrity and ensure our readers get the most reliable information possible. Authors and editors need to have experience with the products and services they’re reviewing.

Our partners never review, approve, or otherwise endorse editorial content. Author’s opinions are always entirely their own.

Key aspects of our editorial guidelines

  • Evaluate the product from a user’s perspective – answer their questions.
  • Be an expert in the products reviewed – share direct knowledge.
  • Use original research, product demos, interviews, and secret shopping to review solutions.
  • Share quantitative performance stats where possible.
  • Explain which solutions might be best for various use cases.
  • Discuss the benefits – and also the drawbacks.
  • Never take what a manufacturer says at face value – do your own research.
  • Rather than a single recommendation, it’s usually better to offer multiple suggestions and let readers make an informed decision.

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