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Reputation management is the process of actively monitoring, managing and responding to online content about your company. Reputation management companies take control of what’s being said online and aligns it with a positive narrative that promotes your mission, brand, and expertise. 

With the help of an experienced reputation management service, creating and maintaining a positive online image is achievable for any individual or business.

To determine the best reputation management services, we developed a shortlist of companies with a solid track record providing results and excellent customer feedback (obviously!). Those that made the cut offer comprehensive services like crisis communications, brand monitoring, and content removal.

Best Reputation Management Companies

ServiceOverviewBest for
NetReputationIndustry leading company providing a wide array of servicesComprehensive Tools
WebiMaxOffers a full range of reputation management servicesLead Generation
Reputation Defense NetworkHelps protect brands from defamation and negative PRContent Removal
NiceJobHelps to get, review, and promote reviewsReview Management
Review MonkeySpecialized service that automates review processGetting More Reviews
ReputationOffers many services including reports on competitionLarger, More Complex Businesses
Go FishReputation management company offering SEO and creative marketing solutionsSEO & Creative Marketing Solutions
Brand24Provides comprehensive reports to understand online imageMonitoring Tools

1. NetReputation.com

NetReputation is an industry leader and offers the broadest variety of tools of the dozens of services we researched.

What makes NetReputation stand out is their commitment to improving your online presence through content creation. They employ a targeted strategy to generate SEO content to build your brand. 

NetReputation also offers content removal services, and uses a variety of techniques, including terms of service, direct negotiation, and legal action to remove or suppress harmful content. They can help you boost your digital presence and cultivate a positive image as reputation experts. 

When you get started, a NetReputation team member will walk you through all the options to ensure you reach your goals. They begin with a detailed, industry-specific plan and then customize it to address your needs.

NetReputation Strengths

NetReputation’s greatest strength is the variety of services they offer. Whatever your needs, whether PR, SEO tools, content removal, or wiki creation, Net Reputation offers a solution. 

NetReputation Services

  • Content Removal
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Review Management
  • Branding
  • Public Relations
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Wikipedia Page Solutions
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Listing Management

The combination of their services and commitment to a customized plan means NetReputation can provide an effective reputation management strategy for almost any client.

NetReputation Concerns

NetReputation offers so many services that they may not be the most accessible service for very small businesses or for those with simple, straightforward needs.

NetReputation’s pricing is dependent upon the scale of the particular project. They offer a free, no obligation consultation, and their content removal service offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

2. WebiMax

WebiMax is the oldest major player in the reputation management industry. Over the years they’ve built up a reputation of having experience to fulfill clients’ SEO and marketing needs. 

As a WebiMax client, you’ll have a dedicated marketing expert to help you with strategies that will enhance your digital presence. 

WebiMax also offers PR and lead generation services which utilize a variety of techniques from text message marketing to Google Ads to grow your customer base. 

WebiMax Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Review Acquisition
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Local Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Public Relations

WebiMax Strengths

Their strength lies in their understanding of SEO and social media marketing. Their SEO strategy is focused around site structure and user experience, as well as generating social engagement. 

What we like most

  • Month-to-month contracts
  • Single point of contact / dedicated marketing expert
  • Easy to track progress through client center platform

WebiMax takes pride in the one-on-one relationship their employees establish with clients, as well as continually providing transparent updates about their strategic vision.. 

Webimax Concerns

While Webimax does offer content generation services, content generation is not as core to Webimax’s services as it is to some other businesses. WebiMax also does not offer some of the more intricate brand marketing tools available elsewhere in the industry. 

WebiMax’s pricing is dependent upon the scope of each client’s project, and you can request a free, no obligation proposal dependent on your goals and budget. All of their contracts operate on a month-to-month basis so you maintain flexibility and control. 

3. Reputation Defense Network

Reputation Defense Network specializes in negative content removal. RDN combines monitoring, SEO, legal, and content removal to delete negative or offensive content which could damage your brand. 

They deploy a wide range of tactics to permanently remove content and prevent it from re-emerging. These include utilizing hosting, domain, and website terms of service agreements as well as legal means specific to content removal and intellectual property infringement. 

Reputation Defense Network can remove negative reviews, news articles, blog posts, photos, videos, consumer complaints, social media posts, defamatory content, and more. 

What We Like Most 

  • No up front fee for their services, only pay after they remove the desired content
  • 100% money-back guarantee if the content ever resurfaces
  • Has a team of content removal experts and a network of industry professionals and attorneys
  • They only take on clients with actionable situations
  • Content removal is quick, usually only taking 2 to 14 days

Concerns about RDN

Reputation Defense Network only works in content removal, so they are not prepared to address a full variety of reputation management needs. 

However, if content removal is your goal, RDN is your best choice. Their service is entirely confidential, and you can schedule a free consultation. Pricing is dependent upon the type and amount of content you want removed. 

4. NiceJob

NiceJob focuses on review generation for small businesses. They help you grow your customer base by getting more reviews, recommendations, and helping you to promote your positive reviews. 

NiceJob also offers a website service called Convert, which they guarantee will win you at least 10% more customers or you get the service for free (within 4 months of the new site being live). Convert includes a custom designed website and utilizes SEO content writing, analytics, and a website coach. 

Best of NiceJob

NiceJob’s core strength is review management. By prompting customers to leave reviews, following up with automated reminders, and simplifying the reviewing process to just two clicks, NiceJob can help you get a lot more reviews. 

NiceJob also utilizes a system to distribute reviews such as Google and Facebook. This automatically posts your best reviews across social media, where they will be seen the most.

Review Plan Features

  • Automate review requests and follow-up reminders
  • Automate referral requests
  • Monitor reviews

Convert Plan Features

  • Custom web design
  • Website coach
  • Industry specific content writing
  • SEO tools

Concerns About NiceJob

While researching this piece on NiceJob’s website, little pop-ups kept appearing in the bottom left. They were saying “so and so left us a five-star review last week,” presumably using the same widget they’d use on your website. We found it more annoying than helpful, especially because there was no text from the review visible. In our experience, the Elfsight review widget is superior.

NiceJob also does not offer as comprehensive a suite of services as some other companies we reviewed. 

5. Review Monkey

Review Monkey provides a specialized approach to generate reviews, which can be effective for certain types of small businesses. Reviews are powerful factors in helping customers make decisions, so increasing the number of reviews for your business can help get more customers.

Review Monkey’s service works by prodding your customer’s with automated messages by text or email after purchase. Review Monkey also provides tools to embed your reviews on your website and show all your reviews in one place, so they are easier to digest. 

Best About Review Monkey

Review Monkey’s strength lies in its simplicity. It is a service that does one thing, and if your goal is to increase the number of reviews by sending follow-up messages to your customers, Review Monkey accomplishes this goal at an affordable price. 

They also offer a two-week trial, so you can see how it works risk free.

Concerns About Review Monkey

Review Monkey relies on text and email to automate the collection of reviews, so it’s only a good fit if customer phone numbers and email addresses are collected.

Review Monkey is specialized so it might not be able to fill all of your needs unless paired with other tools. They don’t offer any SEO, marketing, or content generation tools. It also is only well suited to businesses that have a regular intake of new clients. 

Review Monkey Plans

PlanLocationsMonthly cost

6. Reputation.com

Reputation.com provides a suite of tools to allow you to increase, monitor, and shape your business’s online presence. Like NetReputation and WebiMax, Reputation provides an array of reputation management tools. They also work with many big ticket clients, such as Ford, Petsmart, and Costco. 

Reputation.com Services

  • Review Boosting
  • Surveys 
  • Location Pages
  • Business Listings
  • Social Suite 
  • Competitive Intelligence 

Best of Reputation.com

One thing which makes Reputation unique is their competitive intelligence service. 

It allows you to compare your brand strength to your competition, as well as leverage your competitor’s weaknesses in the market.  They also offer industry specific reputation management plans.

Another thing which differentiates Reputation is their focus on social listening, or the monitoring of customer sentiment surrounding your business. They monitor industry trends, keyword mentions, and posts across all major social platforms for both you and your competitors and display them in one location to simplify your user experience. 

Reputation also provides tools to help you quickly respond to customers on social platforms and create posts. They offer a 30-day free trial of their Social Suite, which includes monitoring and posting tools.

Concerns About Reputation.com

The largest downside of Reputation is that you do not get a Reputation team member to walk you through their digital strategy. 

Reputation also has fewer tools for the creation of SEO content. If you choose Reputation make sure you have the capability to create relevant content that will help steer the conversation about your brand in a positive direction. 

7. Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital is an award-winning, SEO focused reputation management service which utilizes a multi-faceted strategy to grow your brand. They have been innovative in creating and implementing marketing strategies, garnering their clients substantial revenue increases. Their wide array of services rivals NetReputation, WebiMax, and Reputation. 

Go Fish has had success increasing brand awareness, link building, and growing revenue for clients through PPC and influencer marketing strategies. Go Fish’s team will create an out of the box marketing strategy to address your needs. Their strategies have included partnering with a popular YouTube creator and being part of the alpha test of a Google advertising program.    

Go Fish Services

  • Industry Specific SEO Strategies 
  • Digital PR 
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Web and Brand Design 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • Pay Per Click Marketing

Best About Go Fish

What we like about Go Fish is their data-driven approach and their industry specific SEO strategies. Go Fish ensures your business is digitally optimized by employing A/B testing, as well as aggregating user reviews. They have used this data to grow revenue and brand awareness for businesses across many industries.  

Concerns about Go Fish Digital

While Go Fish provides effective SEO solutions and marketing strategies, they are not as focused on monitoring your brand’s perception as some other companies we’ve reviewed. 

They are therefore not as well-equipped to combat negative brand image or online reputation crises. 

Go Fish’s pricing structure is dependent on the scale of each project. 

8. Brand24

Brand24 offers a wide range of media monitoring tools that can help you better understand your business’ digital image. While other services take an active management role, Brand24 focuses on analytics tools and screening features. 

Brand24 creates reports by aggregating discussion of your brand, industry sentiment, and influencer messaging. They notify you about changes surrounding your brand and help you compare your metrics to industry benchmarks and competitors. 

Brand24 Services

  • Mentions Feed
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Discussion Volume Chart
  • Influence Score
  • Sentiment Analysis

Brand24’s Selling Points

  • Used by prominent companies such as Uber, Intel, Twitch, and Stanford University 
  • Affordable pricing starting at $39 per month 
  • Easy to use 

Concerns About Brand24

While Brand24 provides powerful monitoring tools, and lots of data which can help you understand your online presence, they do not help you take action. For this reason, Brand24 is best suited to give visibility to marketing teams.

It’s worth noting that when Uber worked with Brand24, they only used the Team Plan for small businesses.

Because Brand24 does not offer content generation, marketing, or SEO tools, to get the most out of their service it’s important to have a good understanding of what to do with the data they provide.  

Brand24 Plans

PlanKeywordsMentionsMonthly cost

Final Thoughts on Reputation Management

The best way to maintain a good reputation is to focus on providing good customer service, engaging with customers and stakeholders, and monitoring your online activity.

Reputation management services also allow businesses to repair negative brand associations, by removing harmful content and monitoring emerging threats to brand image. They track and report significant metrics such as number of mentions, number and content of reviews, customer sentiment, and general brand awareness. 

If you need content removal, our recommendation is Reputation Defense Network. If you solely need monitoring tools, we recommend Brand24. If you want to send your customers automated review reminders, we recommend NiceJob. Finally, if you want to work with a comprehensive reputation management company, we recommend you get a consultation with both NetReputation and WebiMax, and pick which service best fits your needs. 

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